Our Story

The cornerstone of our group is to always put our clients and their needs before everything else. We cherish the relationships we have with our clients and realize that each client is an individual with their own interests, talents, ideas and needs. We joined Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. to be with a firm with who shares the "client-first" tradition.

-David Hanson & David Fisher


In 2007, David W. Hanson & David B. Fisher, two accomplished financial services veterans, combined their financial practices and formed the Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management Group. With over 50 years in combined experience in finance, Dave Hanson & Dave Fisher understand the importance of developing trust and long-term relationships.

In March of 2010, The Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management Group joined Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. The firm was named after Benjamin F. Edwards III, who was the President and CEO of A.G. Edwards for nearly 40 years. He believed that putting the interests of your customer first was just plain smart business. "Treat clients the way you want to be treated and good things will happen".

The firm continues the heritage and philosophy of Edward's family tradition. The Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management group shares this "client first" vision to provide unbiased comprehensive and personally tailored advice to help clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. The Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management Group has grown to include seven talented individuals.