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This page contains a library of information that supports the philosophy of building wealth with increasing dividend strategies and was curated to give you a "refreshing perspective" on investing.

Dividend Investing Explained

Building Wealth with Dividend Investing

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Dearborn High & Rising Dividend Strategy Facts

Recommended Books*

The Dividend Imperative, Daniel Peris
The Most Important Thing Illuminated, Howard Marks
The Strategic Dividend Investor, Daniel Peris
Never Out of Season, David W. Hunter

*found where most books are sold

High Quality Stocks +

Above-Average Dividend Yield +

Consistent Growth of Yield 

= Potential for High Total Return

Increasing Dividend Portfolios

Increasing Dividend Portfolios

Our dividend-driven investment approach keeps our clients focused on long-term objectives, not the day-to-day volatility of the market. It is appropriate for investors who want to generate long-term capital appreciation and income from their equity portfolios. Through consistent dividend growth, our goal is to help clients stay ahead of the wealth-eroding effects of inflation and keep up with the rising cost of living. The dividend growth rate of this strategy has historically eclipsed the U.S. Consumer Price Index, a common measure of inflation. Dividend growth is an important driver of total return – stock price appreciation plus income generated during the period a stock is held. We believe that compounded-investment income is a way to potentially maximize long-term total returns.

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