Quarterly Client Call | April 2024

Quarterly Client Call | January 2024

Estate Planning 201 | October 2023

Quarterly Client Call | October 2023

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Quarterly Client Call | April 2023

Unlock the Power of Increasing Dividends 

Dave Fisher, MBA, discusses the merits of an increasing dividend strategy and its place as a core tenant of the Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management investment philosophy.

Reflections at Retirement: A Conversation with Terry Trauner

After 10 years with the Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management team, Terry Trauner will retire in January 2023.  She sat down with Dave Hanson to reflect on her career, what she will miss most about working with clients, and what planning for her own retirement was like after helping so many others do the same.

Meet the Man Who Has Retired 1,000 Times: Pt 1 - Desire to Retire

Most of us get to retire once - what if you could talk to someone who has done it 1,000 times? We are fortunate to have on our team a number of advisors who have walked alongside many clients over many years, serving as their guide on the path to retirement. David Hanson, CFP® is one of those advisors - here he sits down with Financial Client Associate Mara Lombardi to share the lessons he has learned through the years in Part 1 of a 2-part series.

Meet the Man Who Has Retired 1,000 Times: Pt 2 - On Purpose, with Purpose

"On purpose, with purpose". This simple but powerful statement from David Hanson, CFP® in Part 2 of our series gets at the heart of what matters. Helping clients make an active and informed decision (on purpose) and doing so with a greater goal in mind (with purpose). The non-financial aspects of retiring are easily overlooked but need to be considered in combination with prudent financial planning for a successful retirement experience.

Roth Conversions, the Value of Volatility

Brian Vanderlugt, CFP ® and Tim March, CFP ® of Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management explain the benefits of ROTH IRA conversions and why they should be performed during periods of market volatility.

Education Savings 101

Tim March, CFP ® of Hanson-Fisher Wealth Management joins Ken Dryfhout to celebrate 5/29 with a primer on 529 accounts – and get some help from a few special guests.